#Cleveland News

Cleveland’s JumpStart hosts 3rd Annual Startup Scaleup
The third annual Startup Scaleup hosted by JumpStart boasted massive crowds people from all different industries, backgrounds and stages of business [...]
Cleveland Foundation hosts Common Ground
Held in the city and surrounding areas of Cleveland was an event organised and hosted by Cleveland Foundation on Sunday the 30th of July. A beautiful day [...]
Cleveland Science Center – Exploring Space!
    If there was ever a time to stop being an adult and revert back to being a curious 10 year old, then visiting the Cleveland Science Center [...]
Global Cleveland hosts amazing Employer Summit
  On 31st of May 2017 Global Cleveland hosted an amazing employer summit, several guests from the business community attended as well as international [...]
Cleveland’s Asia Festival 2017
    Cleveland put on a nice sunny day on Saturday the 20th as the Asian communities came out in color and flare too showcase the best of their [...]
Cleveland Indians beat White Sox, and Cleveland Locals Celebrate!
The opening match was received with immense anticipation as the crowd came out to support the Cleveland Indians in their match against White Sox. Whilst [...]
Immigrant start-ups creating opportunities in Cleveland USA.
I was privileged today to attend an event hosted at the ARIEL International Center in Cleveland, Ohio. The event was organised by Global Cleveland, Radhika [...]
Celebrating St Patrick’s day 2017 in Style!
We have heard of the Bold and the Beautiful right?   Well St Patrick’s Day in Cleveland on the 17th of March can best be described as “THE [...]
Cleveland through my eyes!
My first experience when arriving to the USA was coming to Cleveland. I have friends here whom I could stay with hence the destination made sense. I have [...]