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July 29, 2017 - #Cleveland News



If there was ever a time to stop being an adult and revert back to being a curious 10 year old, then visiting the Cleveland Science Center would be that time. As a kid I was fascinated with a few things, 2 of those were Lego and Space.

So it is hardly unusual for me feel inspired and wowed by the wonder of a museum that caters to both. After having a busy Friday morning attending a number of appointments I decided to spend the afternoon in a more relaxed zone, by visiting the Cleveland Science Center located near the Rock Hall and overlooking the lake.

Nasa provides many learning experiments as well as displays of various space crafts, technologies and information on the history of space exploration at the exhibit. It was amazing to learn how many astronauts were from Ohio too there is a decent number.

I was fascinated by the engineering involved, and also by the constraints Astronauts who have been in rockets had to put up with, rocket capsules looked so cramped and to fit 3 adults into one when manned space exploration first started was a feat within itself, while peering into a cockpit I was thinking wow I could barely fit in there myself how did the astronauts do it back then.

The display of various propulsion technology was also amazing to learn about, slow burn rocket engines and efficient jet engines all engineered no doubt for future missions but some technology will possibly reach the mainstream in some way as we see the commercialization of space over the next few decades.

If the science and learning was not enough, the lower floor at the science center had an impressive lego exhibit. Quite a few of the lego structures were space based to compliment the theme of the museum no doubt, but there were also some impressive landmarks such as the worlds tallest buildings, and Lego images of Lennon and Hendrix and I think Le Bron too.

Between those two I was satisfied but there was more, the museum boasts some of Cleveland’s and US maritime history showing the William G Mather Cleveland Cliffs ship. Inside the ship is a display or the great lakes shipping routes, how trade was done for many years among cities that bordered the great lakes, the sailors, engineers, and traders worked these ships and played a significant role on these steam ships of the past to create economic progress in the great lakes areas of the USA.

In Addition there was also ecological displays inside the boat which showed the wildlife, layout and other significant features of Lake Erie and surrounding areas.

Sticking to the natural theme, I ended my tour of the museum by attending one of the shows within the Dome theater. I decided to go with the National Parks show which showed some of Americas wildest landscapes and diverse national parks with host of different environmental conditions and magnificent scenery. Fascinated to learn that President Roosevelt passed a law to protect national parks which not only helped the US preserve its natural wonders but probably inspired a global trend to signify the importance of protecting our natural habitats on earth.

The dome theater brings cinema to life, when you stare up and around it is as though you are in motion with the images on the screen even though you are sitting perfectly still. You feel slight sensations of vertigo as the screen zones up and looks down from high places like cliffs and mountains.

The dome is unique to Cleveland and as far as I know there is not a cinema like it anywhere else or if there is it maybe one of only 2 or 3 in the world.  Overall the experience of the Cleveland Science Center is one to explore if your visiting or even living in Cleveland.

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