Global Cleveland hosts amazing Employer Summit

June 2, 2017 - #Cleveland News


On 31st of May 2017 Global Cleveland hosted an amazing employer summit, several guests from the business community attended as well as international students from Case Western, and even representatives from Washington.

The focus of the summit was about how immigrants make an impact by providing necessary skills and expertise for companies where there maybe labor shortages within the domestic market.

Several topics were discussed from visa process, the economic impact immigration has from a positive stance as well as changes politically and economically that affect the growth, sustainability and relationships the Unites States has with the world and how immigrant workers can add value to creating a necessary global ecosystem for businesses looking to not only import skills but also export products and services.

The event was an eye opener to not only those of us new to the United States but also for the businesses attending, who are probably in the process of considering the possibilities of how to truly take their own businesses to a global level. The first step generally starts with the idea that hiring workers from diverse cultural backgrounds can add significant value to the creative and innovative processes that an organization has.

Multilingual support is also a factor with a very connected global economy, the need for having talented immigrants who can possibly create channels and partnerships for your business in their respective regions of the world was also a point of discussion.

Cleveland and North East Ohio has embraced the idea of growth being dependent on a healthy flow of new residents coming to the city, whilst its sports, facilities and quality of life all have great appeal to many, the undiscovered qualities ‘largely not advertised or marketed to the world’ do present a challenge for Cleveland, Ohio and also other inland states which are not as well known abroad like for example New York or San Francisco might be.

However even with the challenges organizations like Global Cleveland open up to internationals providing a warm welcome. introducing us to what makes the American dream a reality for so many that migrate from countries that may not necessarily have the opportunities that the USA has.

It was also an interesting statistic that there were actually more jobs created regionally than there were potential employees to fill them.  The political rhetoric around migrants taking jobs from US natives is simply not true for many regions in the United States all of which need the flow of intellectual and economic capital from immigration to help in their future development.

The issue of immigration is a globally sensitive one regardless of where you go, however Cleveland seems to have a very open outlook with companies embracing the idea of foreign talent and not feeling too intimidated by the process despite the political and administrative challenges that are involved.

Also from the immigrants perspective the more we do to contribute what we can to the places we move too, add equity and value to the idea of us belonging as part of this great country. In addition this showcases to organisations our ability to help them grow and prosper by creating inclusiveness and diversity in their workforce.

As an immigrant currently in the process of paper work I certainly hope the merits of my own volunteering, the ambitious and innovative nature of my network and engagement are all having an impact to this great city of Cleveland. I am thankful at a personal level that organizations like Global Cleveland exist to support us in our path so that we may settle and also contribute back in the future.

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