Cleveland Indians beat White Sox, and Cleveland Locals Celebrate!

April 12, 2017 - #Cleveland News

The opening match was received with immense anticipation as the crowd came out to support the Cleveland Indians in their match against White Sox.

Whilst there is already more than enough coverage of the game and the scores and stats, my blog today aims to show passionate supporters reveling in Cleveland enjoying the festive atmosphere and celebrating the game.

I was invested into the crowd interacting with and meeting many new friends, learning about baseball and also the history of the Indians in last years World Series match, the performance last year no doubt has set the stage for an epic 2017 in baseball where the Cleveland Indians aim to win the championship this year and have the talent to do it.

For me it was the social scene that was of more interest. People enjoying a great day in Cleveland with a party atmosphere, a big crowd showed up and here are some of my best photos from the day.

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