Immigrant start-ups creating opportunities in Cleveland USA.

March 21, 2017 - #Cleveland News

I was privileged today to attend an event hosted at the ARIEL International Center in Cleveland, Ohio. The event was organised by Global Cleveland, Radhika Reddy from ARIEL and also SBA.

The event had a full house, a significant number of guests showed up to make this a valuable networking experience for all involved. The senator was also present giving a speech at the beginning of the event which made it genuinely special.

SBA featured several speakers at the event, where they showed us a presentation of several different topics regarding support available for those starting a business in the USA. Whilst the focus was oriented around support for immigrants the information presented was general enough for anyone seeking some advice to absorb and this was well reflected in the audience which was very diverse.

Experts such as Gilbert Goldberg, John Renner and Patrick Hayes and many others discussed different topics such as starting a business, using loans as initial capital, working with banks and also exporting and growth strategies.

Here are two of the pro’s from SBA.

Whilst speaking to some of the professionals at the event, the indication regarding America and its stance on immigrants doing business here and also encouraging trade relationships, export and other interactions with foreign partners, led me to believe that a lot of what we hear in ‘political media’  tends to not reflect the views of the business community and also how they operate.

I found nothing but friendly helpful Cleveland based business people, bankers, entrepreneurs and ambassadors at the event and could not help but think that nationwide around many parts of the USA such an event would yield the same results.

In particular I was impressed with SBA’s presentation in terms of the number of ways they choose to support businesses starting in the USA. While the standard rules of good business planning, having a business model and knowledge of cash-flows, and validating your product and service and its respective market all applied to their overall process of raising capital, the entry point to access their services and assistance with financial matters seems relatively easy for immigrants who are settled and want to start their own business but need a little guidance.

It was an honor to be invited by GlobalCleveland to this event.  In addition to feel reassured and energized by organisations such as SBA who work with many businesses and immigrants.

Personally I enjoy these events greatly finding myself drawn to experienced and successful people from whom I wish to learn so much and associate with. I think there is room to expand on such a concept also, perhaps looking at industry based events.

Cleveland is becoming a hotspot for attracting international talent and there is extensive room for growth over the next decade.

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