Celebrating St Patrick’s day 2017 in Style!

March 18, 2017 - #Cleveland News

We have heard of the Bold and the Beautiful right?   Well St Patrick’s Day in Cleveland on the 17th of March can best be described as “THE GREEN AND THE GLORIOUS”.

Cleveland’s revelers  are truly a spirited bunch, although on St Pats day I am not sure if that was the Irish whiskey or Guinness that had them all warmed up in the cold weather and excited for the day long party which continued well into the night no doubt.. As you can probably tell I was one of those revelers and am writing this blog at 2.a.m in the morning, but content has to be fresh so here it is.

I personally celebrated the festivities in central Cleveland experiencing what was quite an impressive parade.

But for the most part the theme was very Irish indeed, and I do think Dublin could have some competition on its hands, er that’s Dublin Ireland not Dublin, Ohio…  I am well aware that in New Zealand, where I am from St Pats is celebrated by most Irish Pubs and can turn into a big deal in some of the major cities. So I was keen to see how American celebrations in particular Cleveland where I am now would be and it did not disappoint.

A fairly significant crowd turned up and seemed to be wired on the Jamesons whiskey, a fun bunch of people indeed. Around 12pm lunch time, here was the crowd at one of the bars in the city.

Walking the central streets discoveries were made one of which was this brilliant ice sculpture.

And in the arcade nearby Irish folk music set the theme for what was about to be an exciting build up to the parade.

But by far the most impressive part of the day was seeing Cleveland locals come out in style. The fashion wars were real and a sea of green covered the streets with a few folks dotted in orange kit as per the Irish Flag.  Below are my picks for some of the best dressed revelers on St Pats day in Cleveland this year.

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So the luck of the Irish smothered the city of Cleveland on Friday and no doubt in many other places around USA and the world, but I can say this was one of the most fun parades and social gatherings I have been part of for a while.


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Seth Roland

Great to hear that this was written just after the St. Patrick’s Day 2017 celebrations and revelling! You revealed a wonderfully fun and fresh account of what looks to have been one hugely green and glorious day filled with good times. Cleveland Ohio has done the Irish tradition of St. Paddy’s Day very proud indeed. I’d be keen to see this level of immersion for St. Patrick’s Day myself. I saw a lot of co-workers dressed in green for the day here in NZ but didn’t take part in any revelling this year. A nice job on the post and the photos bizg33k.


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