Cleveland through my eyes!

February 23, 2017 - #Cleveland News

My first experience when arriving to the USA was coming to Cleveland. I have friends here whom I could stay with hence the destination made sense. I have yet to explore much of the United States but in time I hope to see it all, I cannot help but be in awe of the grand nature and size of the country and all the amazing sights it has.

So this article is a spotlight on Cleveland. Being from New Zealand I am well aware of tourism marketing, and so when I visit any place I often try and ignore the hype and I focus on its unique qualities that make the destination ‘one of a kind’.

Cleveland Ohio, has much to offer and presents itself as one of the most vibrant cities in the United States. With an inviting cosmopolitan culture, warm friendly people, an openness towards visitors, Cleveland sets the bar high when it comes to being one of the most favorable cities for new comers to settle.

When exploring the city on foot, I found the CBD area to be very easy to navigate, the city is well organised with clearly identifiable areas from the banking and corporate buildings to the restaurant and bar areas, and then an easy 10min walk to the Rock Museum and Science Museum (pictured below).

The church bells ring in the city at intervals, reminding of when I was in Melbourne Australia where they also have a cathedral within the city. Cleveland’s Cathedral pictured below.

The city overlooks Lake Erie that adds significant natural beauty, and is also a leisure hot-spot during the spring and summer for all to enjoy.

We cannot talk about Cleveland without talking about its food, culminating from a cultural melting pot there is no shortage of variety here where the restaurant district thrives with options. Food is clearly developed by culture, and the influences of Jewish, Polish, Italian, Asian and also classic American cuisine can all be found within Cleveland. I am absolutely spoiled for choice when it comes to the dining experience here and the standards are very high. One of my personal favorites is the pizza!

While we look at lifestyle as a measure of a cities health, the economic significance of Cleveland cannot be ignored. It is starting to be recognized as one of the most hi-growth areas in the USA, making investments in significant business initiatives and having groups like JumpStart influence an entrepreneurial culture which is inviting towards new businesses.

Global Cleveland also contributes greatly to attracting international talent to the city, promoting Cleveland as a multicultural hub that is keen to attract talent from all over the world.

While often not marked as a tourist destination by many travel companies abroad Cleveland has all the right ingredients to be marketed as a great place for tourists to visit, Destination Cleveland is the first place to check out when coming into the city since the staff there will introduce you all the good stuff when it comes to tourist activities.

Often enough to the international audience San Francisco, LA, Colorado and New York are advertised as the places to visit in the USA, in recent years and due to its international airport receiving more flights Texas has become an upcoming destination and Seattle also has attracted attention as one of America’s cool cities to visit. But even with the above options Cleveland should not be over looked by international travelers, since it offers the full American experience but is also a very well organised city with a number of great attractions and things to do. It is also very affordable when compared to some of the above mentioned cities.

I have lived in and visited a number of cities in my life, Auckland, Sydney, Melbourne, Singapore, Bangkok etc. so I have good idea of what to look for when it comes to great cities. Cleveland ranks highly in my personal view for a great city because it is easy to navigate, its key attractions are very easy to get too, there is little congestion or air pollution and things are very clean, the standards of restaurants and shopping facilities are excellent, it has options for every type of traveler whether your an adventure tourist or a shopaholic, or maybe you like to try your luck at the Jacks Casino.

For business travelers the experience is even better with world class conference facilities by the lakeside, and 7 star hotels over looking the lake.

If you like sport lets not forget Cleveland hosts NBA champions so if your in town and want to watch a great game of basketball check out the court-side action from the Cleveland Cavaliers.

If you like music and bars there are too many options to list covering all sorts of musical styles, for me the Jazz bars are of particular interest but I have yet to visit one. But with the Rock n Roll hall of Fame one cannot deny Cleveland is perhaps the best destination to visit for music lovers.

In my opinion Cleveland rocks for more reasons than just the rock n roll, and all who live here should be proud cos its a great city!


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